RavenSong aka Kimberly Breest is a Musician/Songwriter that has been writing music and performing for over 3 decades in South Eastern Wisconsin. During that time she has written numerous songs, been in several bands and performed as a solo artist. She is currently a Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist for Shure Thing and has been performing Solo and Duo acoustic shows with Ed Breest Jr. She plays multiple instruments which include but not limited to, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, saxophone and flute and has a background in studio recording and live sound.

“I have no choice but to make music. It comes from a place I can not explain with mere words. I was born with music flowing through my veins. I have something to say! I tried to walk away for over a decade and it almost became my demise. I can tell you what I feel and describe how it resonates with me, but my story is so much more layered like a tapestry. Each thread, each sound, each life represents a piece of the bigger picture. Music is what makes me feel alive and gives me a reason for living! Sit back and enjoy the ride!” – KB